President Thaçi is declared Honorary Citizen of the Municipality of Hasi

Municipality of Hasi, May 25, 2019 – The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, today, in an official ceremony, is declared “Honorary Citizen” of the Municipality of Hasi.

This honorary title, according to the Mayor of Hasi, Adem Lala, has been bestowed upon President Thaçi for the irreplaceable contribution to the liberation of Albanian territories as a political leader of the Kosovo Liberation Army, and for the appreciation he has given to the people of Hasi as worthy supporters during the Kosovo war.

President Thaçi has said that this is a special moment, because when we think about where we were 20 years ago and where we are today, we can freely say that Kosovo and the Albanians made the impossible possible, and managed to stop the captivity, aggression and genocide of Serbia and to gain freedom, to liberate Kosovo.

“Kosovo’s liberation is the merit of every citizen of Kosovo. It is the merit of all the people of Albania. It is the merit of the nation wherever Albanians live in Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Presheva, Montenegro and the entire diaspora. Therefore, every Albanian should feel proud of its contribution to the freedom of Kosovo and to feel a liberator not only the one who was in the war with the rifle in hand, but also the one who shared everything for the freedom and independence of Kosovo wherever he lived”, said President Thaçi.

The Head of State stressed that since his young age he knows this area and knows the families of Hasi, in Nikolic, and in the villages around, Kruma, Kukës and Tropoja.

“The social situation was not as how it should have been. But your spirit was big and fought and overcame every obstacle to help the liberation of Kosovo. You gave 36 martyrs of the nation for the liberation of Kosovo”, added President Thaçi.

President Thaçi said that it is much easier to realize the dream to have a space without boundaries between Kosovo and Albania, than the challenge of chasing Serbia from Kosovo.

“The Albanian nation, wherever it lives, has never been better, has never been better organized. Albania in NATO, an independent Kosovo, the Albanians in Macedonia are shaping that NATO state, and the Albanians in Montenegro as well as. You all know openly and I reiterate here today among the men and women of Hasi, my lifelong pledge and commitment for Presheva, Medvegja and Bujanoc to join the territory of the Republic of Kosovo, without violating any centimeter of the territory of the Republic of Kosovo, neither Trepça or Ujmani, nor Mitrovica, no corner of Kosovo’s territory”, he said.

President Thaçi has expressed high gratitude to Mayor Lala and all the people of Hasi for the shown respect.

 “I bow with the greatest respect before every fellow fighter here of the Kosovo Liberation Army. I bow with the greatest respect for every family in Krumë and Hasi, who had been transformed into headquarters of the Kosovo Liberation Army. The most prominent and proudest period of our nation, the most sacred, the largest national and political project was the Kosovo Liberation Army”, he stated.

The Head of State has said that firstly through Hasi, also one of the state builders of the Albanian state, Hasan Prishtina, has passed, but the others who also passed through it were Azem Bejta and Shotë Galica, as well as all the liberators who have contributed to the freedom and independence of Kosovo during the various periods of the century we left behind.