President Thaçi decorated over 100 personalities in Macedonia

Skopje, November 21 – The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, has decorated today over 100 personalities from Macedonia for their merits in various fields for the advancement of the Albanians, but also for their cooperation with neighboring people.

At the beginning of the handover ceremony of the recognitions, President Thaçi said that he feels proud that these decorations are awarded on the eve of the 108th anniversary of the founding of the modern Albanian alphabet in the Bitola Congress.

“Today I am happy and privileged to be among you. 108 years ago, the Albanians not being independent yet, decided to give the nation a clear political, historical, cultural and civilizational orientation. They, by choosing a Latin alphabet, although still part of the Ottoman Empire decided to be with the West”, he added.

The President said that then, men and women, patriots and intellectuals from all over who spoke this old Indo-European language, decided to standardize it with a Western and European alphabet. According to him, the orientation towards a Western future, selected with the courage and wisdom of our ancestors, fortunately retains and inspires us even now

“It was like this even 90 years after the Congress of the Alphabet, when Kosovo chose a clear and painful path, but also a proud path fighting for the preservation of its existence”, said President Thaçi.

He has said that soon 8 years will be completed since Kosovo declared its independence, and this great joint achievement of ours was not easy and simple. According to him, it was a continuation of freedomloving efforts of many generations. 

President Thaçi said that at the end of the past millennium, Kosovo managed to create the most successful political and military organization of the twentieth century, the most important national project - the Kosovo Liberation Army.

The Kosovo Liberation Army, according to him, thanks to the clear Western orientation, achieved the deserved support of the West and became the foundation of the freedom, liberation and independence of Kosovo. In front of more than 100 personalities in Macedonia, he has said that this great achievement of ours would not be possible without all of you, without your sacrifice and without your generous brotherly support.

“Today’s ceremony of awarding the orders and medals by the highest institution of the Republic of Kosovo, is actually just a marking of this remembrance of acknowledgement and gratitude. Today’s ceremony is a sign of gratitude for the fighters and soldiers who gave their lives in the war battles of the the Kosovo Liberation Army, for those who fought the war and the resistance in its ranks”, he added.

In his speech, the President also thanked those who spent many years in Yugoslav prisons seeking for freedom, emancipation and rights for the Albanians wherever they are. He said that it is a recognition for activists and politicians who at the time had the right vision, sense and willingness to be oriented towards the protection of national interests.

“Today’s ceremony is an act of acknowledgement for all that early generation of teachers, intellectuals, cultural and scientific activists who contributed to our academic, scientific and cultural institutions. For intellectuals who were lined with the fate of their nation. For journalists, writers and artists”, he stressed.

Thaçi added that this is also a return of debt to the academic institutions of Kosovo, where for entire decades the intellectual elites ofMacedonian Albanians have been shaped. He has said that in this list are also those Macedonians who with their professional and intellectual contribution, kept alive our cultural and spiritual communication, for which we respect them in particular. 

“Today we honor even some businessmen and entrepreneurs who with their contribution were distinguished before and during the war, but are distinguished even today for the good work they do towards the economic development of the Albanian society with the increase of social welfare and the creation of job positions. Even today we take this opportunity to thank them”, said Thaçi.

He also had a message for his comrades, who with courage, bravery, initiative and dedication helped us during the most difficult moments, during every moment of our common freedomloving endeavor.

“Many of them gave shelter to me, escorted me, risked together with me and my friends, in a noble effort to be free. The list of personalities that we honor here is symbolic. In fact, through you we honor hundreds of thousands of brothers, without whom we would not be where we are today as Kosovo. With this ceremony today, I personally, but also the entire people of Kosovo, wants to thank and honor you from the heart”, said President Thaçi.