President Thaçi awards the first diploma of the University of Mitrovice “Isa Boletini”

Mitrovice, May 19th, 2016 – President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi paid a visit to the University of Mitrovice “Isa Boletini” today where he was hosted by the rector of this higher education institution, Alush Musaj.

President Thaçi who was accompanied by the Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Arsim Bajrami, Minister of Public Administration, Mahir Yagcılar, firstly met with the management and professors of this university.

The head of state along with two ministers oversaw the work underway in the campus of the University of Mitrovice “Isa Boletini”, which he described as one of the most modern universities in Kosovo.

“This university is implementing the highest educational criteria and standards. It has received a very high rating by the Kosovo Accreditation Agency, international experts. Therefore it is a further incentive for us to invest”, President Thaçi said.

He expressed his satisfaction over the start of the construction of a new modern facility of the university’s rectorate.

Besides the enormously important reforms in education, President Thaçi said that the “Isa Boletini” university offers a very unique program which make it more weighty and more attractive for youth to come to study in Mitrovice.

During his visit to the University of Mitrovice “Isa Boletini”, the President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi awarded the first diploma since the establishment of this educational institution.

“I believe that with this pace of work and commitment, the 1st of October of this year will be a day of celebration here in the city of Mitrovice, where the entire academic staff and students will be transferred to this new, modern campus of the University of Mitrovice, therefore I congratulate the rector, all deans, professors, students and all citizens of Mitrovice on this new success”, President Thaçi concluded.

On the other hand, the rector of the “Isa Boletini” university in Mitrovice, Alush Musaj emphasized that President Thaçi’s visit, along with government representatives, is an evidence of continued support for the university.

“We are honored by the visit of President Thaçi. We see this as a continued support from the president and the government. Now we will focus on quality. European standards are being implemented”, Musaj said.

The public University in Mitrovice already numbers over 3500 students from all over Kosovo.