President Thaçi awards the Bytyçi brothers with the “Hero of Kosovo” Order

New York – President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, at a ceremony held at the Kosovo Consulate in New York, awarded the “Hero of Kosovo” Order to the three brothers, Yll, Agron and Mehmet Bytyçi, killed by Serbian forces, and at the same time awarded the Jubilary Tenth Anniversary of the Independence of Kosovo Medal to the “Atlantic” battalion.

President Thaçi stated that left themselves without food in order to support the war in Kosovo.

“You spared nothing for the independence and freedom of Kosovo. Among the patriots that got directly involved in the fighting, at the war fronts, were the Bytyçi brothers, raised by a patriotic family”, said President Thaçi.

The father of the three brothers, Ahmet Bytyçi, said that he has always expected such an appreciation, and added that this does not go to his children alone, but to all those who fell for freedom.

“I have been awaiting this, this was my dream. I still think I am in a dream. Thanks for the honour, each and every one of you” said the father.

At the same ceremony, President Thaçi also awarded the “Atlantic” battalion with the Jubilary Tenth Anniversary of the Independence of Kosovo Medal.

 President said that their fighting brought the freedom and the independence, and today they are the connecting bridges of our relations with the USA.

 On behalf of the soldiers, the Medal was received by the KLA commander and the president of the “Atlantic” Association, Gani Shehu, who stated that Albanians in US have given everything to Kosovo.

“They have given a lot for freedom, they toiled, they gave their sons, who went to join the KLA” said he.

The ceremony, appart form many soldiers of this battalion, was also attended by the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj, former President of Kosovo Atifete Jahjaga, Kosovo’s Ambassador to the USA Vlora Citaku, Teuta Sahatqija Consul General in New York, activist Harry Bajraktari and many others.