President Thaçi awarded honours to the collectionist of rare books on Scanderbeg

Prishtina, October 17th 2018 – President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, awarded today the Presidential medal of Merits to collectionist Patricia Nugee, one of the collectionist with a special collection of books on Gjergj Kastrioti-Scanderbeg.

President Thaçi said that collectionist Patricia Nugee, who for around 40 years has been collecting rare books on our national hero, Gjergj Kastrioti-Scanderbeg, has provided a continuous contribution to the spreading of Albanian history and culture. 

“I highly praise your engagement. You have done and you continue to do wonderful work”, said President Thaçi.

Collectionist Patricia Nugee thanked President Thaçi for the great appreciation made to her by the state of Kosovo.

In honour of the nationwide year of the hero Gjergj Kastrioti-Scanderbeg, collectionist Patricia Nugee brought to Prishtina the exhibition with rare old books on Gjergj Kastrioti-Scanderbeg, in different languages of the world, and in as many genres and by various authors.

The exhibition is currently open at the National Library of Kosovo, presenting 37 books published in XVI, XVII and XVIII centuries in Rome, Augsburg, Venice, Frankfurt, London, Lisbon, as well as those published in Denmark and Sweden.