Dear citizens of Republic of Kosovo, I want to thank you for the culture and civic awareness that you have shown during the one-month pre-electoral campaign that was conducted following the declaration of our country’s independence. I also want to express my appreciation for political parties and independent candidates who are running for mayors and municipal advisers for having been a part of a dynamic and fair competition. Any occasional incident that may have occurred in recent days does not diminish the positive perception that has already been created about the campaign conducted thus far.

15 November elections represent a great test on democracy for all of us, therefore, once again, I urge you to vote and to determine by yourselves who is going to lead our towns during the next four years.

The failure to participate in elections entails your immediate deprivation of the right to demand accountability from those who will win the mandate to govern your municipalities. This is why you should participate actively in this important process and, by exercising your right to free voting, contribute directly to the quality of the way in which your municipality will be governed.

These elections are crucial to the future of our country. They also constitute an important test on further processes of integration into the European Union, NATO and other international institutions.

On the next Sunday, we should prove to the world that Kosovo is a stable country, that it produces peace and stability in the region and that it may serve as a model of neighborly relations and cooperation with other democracies.

Dear citizens,

Local and central institutions may have not met all your expectations or accommodated your requests, but elections are the best opportunity for you to vote for the most experienced and respectable candidates to govern your municipalities during the next four years. Therefore, vote and make November 15 a festive day for your municipality and for the entire Kosovo!

Last but nor least, I once again call on political parties, independent candidates, Central Election Commission in particular and other mechanisms, to carry out their duties in a dignified and professional manner and to abide thus by the Constitution and legislation of Republic of Kosovo.

So, let the November 15 be a day when the true values of our free and democratic country will be revealed.

Best wishes and good luck!