President Sejdiu receives the Hungarian Ambassador Mr. Zoltan Imecs at a farewell meeting

The President of Republic of Kosovo, Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu, has received today at a farewell meeting the Republic of Hungaria’s Ambassador based in Prishtinë, Mr. Zoltan Imecs, whom he thanked about the strong support that Hungary has and is still giving to our country.

Expressing his high appraisal of the work done by Ambassador Imecs, President Sejdiu said that Ambassador Imecs has worked closely with the Kosovo institutions during many processes before and after the declaration of independence of our country.

At this meeting as well, President Sejdiu reaffirmed the commitment of institutions of Republic of Kosovo to cooperating extensively with the Republic of Hungary, in whom Kosovo trusts and from whom Kosovo expects a further support in ensuring new recognitions and a speedy integration of our country into the European Union, NATO and other international institutions.

On his part, Ambassador Imecs said that Hungary will support the development of the Republic of Kosovo in every respect, because, he maintained, Kosovo belongs to a united European family. He also appreciated the positive ICJ opinion on the legality of the declaration of independence of Republic of Kosovo, pointing out that all the conditions have ripened now for Kosovo to be recognized by other countries that have not done so thus far.