President Sejdiu received Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Islamic Community Leader, Mr. Mustafa Ceriq

"Republic of Kosovo is a secular state that respects the rights and freedoms of all its religious communities", the President of the Republic of Kosovo, Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu, said during a meeting today with Mr. Mustafa Ceric, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Islamic Community Leader, who is staying for a several-day visit to Kosovo, upon an invitation extended to him by his counterpart from Kosovo, Mr. Naim Tërnava. President Sejdiu congratulated Islamic community leaders of both countries on their close cooperation. He said that Republic of Kosovo’s institutions praise highly the work done by the Kosovo Islamic Community and its contribution to strengthening the democratic state of Kosovo and urged Mr. Ceric to maintain its engagement in ensuring the recognition of Kosovo by Islamic countries of the world on which Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Islamic Community may have a direct influence.

The meeting also discussed the spirit of tolerance and cooperation and mutual respect between members of religious communities of both countries, including cooperation between their peoples.

"We have already marked the 6th century of Islam in the Balkan and we want to present this tradition to Europe and the world in a proper way ", Mr. Ceric affirmed.

He added that they will re-establish the normal relations as two countries with autochthonous muslim communities in this part of Europe.

Despite the fact that Bosnia and Herzegovina has not recognised the independence of the Republic of Kosovo yet, President Sejdiu and Mr. Ceric pledged to strengthen cooperation between the two countries. Nevertheless, in this context, Ceric asserted that he had come to Kosovo, upon an invitation extended to him by the Mufti of Republic of Kosovo’s Islamic Community, with the will to preserve and foster further the amity between region’s peoples of good will, so that future generations may not experience tragedies and genocide experienced by their predecessors.