President Sejdiu participates in the ceremony marking the 85th anniversary of the National Institute of Public Health

Congratulating the leadership and the staff of the National Institute of Public Health on the 85th anniversary of the Institute, President Sejdiu said there is a need to move on quickly in terms of providing better conditions for and working on prevention, with the aim of protecting the health of the people.

“The mission of the National Institute of Public Health and all other health services in Kosovo largely depends on the work done by all other systems necessary to cater for the lives of the people and their welfare”, President Sejdiu emphasized.

President Sejdiu underlined the need of interaction and coordination between central and local institutions in combating prejudicial phenomena that damage public health.

The President also underscored that medical staff are bound to abide by the code of ethics and the law and that the same applies to other sectors, reminding of some negative phenomena that have emerged in this sector too, such as problems related to supply with expired medications or intentional or unintentional lack of care for the medical equipment installed at the health centers in the country.

Further on, saluting representatives of institutions of public health from the neighboring countries like Macedonia or Albania, President Sejdiu called on cross-border cooperation in the field of medicine as well, announcing that Kosovo will one day become a member of the World Health Organization.

Welcoming the placement of stents at the University Clinical Centre, President Sejdiu called for capacity building and specialization in all the fields of medicine at the Institute of Public Health and other medical centers in the country.