President Sejdiu participated in “Gjeçov Meetings” in Zym, Prizren

“The Albanian people take pride in Father Shtjefën Gjeçov and his figure. He was distinguished for both his deeds and his writings” – the President of the Republic of Kosovo, Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu, said in his address to an audience gathered on the occasion of the 38th Traditional Celebration of “Gjeçov Meetings”, which this year were held under President’s auspices.

Prior to the ceremony, President Sejdiu paid a visit to Pjetër Prekpalaj’s family in the village of Zym. In a warm family atmosphere, President Sejdiu listened to the concerns of this family and villagers of Zym and other surrounding villages, which were related to children’s education, supply with drinkable water and other issues concerning conditions of living.

Later on, he unveiled the monument erected in dedication to the support that the villagers of Zym, Shëngjergj and Bregori have provided to the education in Albanian language during the difficult years of 1991-1999.

After he placed a flower wreath in the front of Shtjefën Gjeçov’s statue, President Sejdiu held a speech during the central ceremony of “Gjeçov Meetings” and attended all the performances that were staged at this prestigious traditional event, which brought together many public figures of political and culture lives and many dwellers of the area and other parts of Kosovo, even those who live abroad.

Lionizing the personality of Shtjefën Gjeçov, President Sejdiu cited a quotation from the Gjeçov’s rich legacy: “A house of an Albanian is a house of God and a house of a friend”. “If you sort this saying out, you will find honor, pledge, hospitality and protection, which represent values that are hard to come across. Father Gjeçov has drawn from the legends and the tradition of our people and has brought them together” – President Sejdiu pointed out, adding that the artistic matter collected by Father Gjeçov did not only constitute an extraordinary treasure for the Albanian culture and history, but it rather went beyond this boundaries and became an object of research by many experts from different countries of the world.

In this context, he mentioned a book by a Japanese author entitled “The Ethical Structure of the Code of Lekë Dugagjini”, which draws many interesting findings and indicates that Gjeçov’s masterpiece is unique and second to none.

“The commitment of our institutions to preserve a tradition of memory, to give a chance to the literary expression and creativity, researches and fostering of cultural values and resistance, has found its way in these gatherings that have become traditional in this blessed part of our country” – President Sejdiu emphasized, commending the will of our people to provide for the continuity of this celebration and to foster it further, so as to attract a wider audience.

“We know that you have lived in hardship. We know that you have travelled around the world to earn a living, but I know that you had Kosovo in your hearts, so do never forget the words of the great men of this country” – was President Sejdiu’s message to the villagers of Zym and the entire region of Has.

President’s pledge to offer an institutional support in erecting there the statue of Pjetër Bogdani, a great Albanian researcher and man, who was also murdered, like Shtjefën Gjeçov, for his contribution to the national cause during the hard times for all Albanians, was received with a great joy by the entire audience, especially by the villagers and activists of this area.

“Gjeçov and Bogdani were murdered. They were taken their lives by those who didn’t want to see us living. But we are alive and we are moving on with our lives” – President Sejdiu said.

During his visit to Zym, President Sejdiu visited the church in the village, where the Bishop of Kosovo, Monsignor Dodë Gjergji, hosted a lunch for the President and his associates.