President Sejdiu congratulates believers on the month of Ramadan

The President of Republic of Kosovo Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu congratulated the Muslim believers on the beginning of the month of Ramadan.

The message of congratulation reads:

Dear citizens of Republic of Kosovo,
Honorable believers,

On the beginning of the most important month for the Muslim believers, the month of Ramadan, I want to express my best wishes for an easy fasting, harmony, peace of mind and wealth in your families.
The Month of Ramadan is the month of human sacrifice and dedication to God and self-control. I wish that this month, and all the months to follow, will pass in peace and understanding between all the people of Republic of Kosovo.
Peace and understanding are very important elements, especially in this crucial period that our country is going through, following the unequivocal opinion of the International Court of Justice about the independence of our country and when we expect an increase in the number of recognitions for the Republic of Kosovo and its accession to as many international institutions as possible.
I also wish that peace will prevail around the world, because the Month of Ramadan is a month of love and understanding between people, regardless of their ethnicity, race or religion.
I want to express my and Kosovo people’s deepest appreciation for all the friend countries that have recognized and supported our new state and are still supporting Kosovo and its people in all ongoing processes.

Happy Ramadan!
God Bless you and your families!
God Bless Republic of Kosovo and her friends!