President Sejdiu awards the US Colonel Lansing E. Dickinson

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu decorated today the (retired) American Colonel Lansing E. Dickinson with the Military Medal for the Service in Kosovo, on account of his contribution to building and developing the Kosovo Security Force (KSF).


The award ceremony was also attended by US Ambassador to Kosovo Christopher  Dell, Prime Minister of the KSF Behxhet Brajshori and the KSF Commander, General Lieutenant Sylejman Selimi.

President Sejdiu has taken the decision on the award pursuant to Article 84, item 28 of the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo and Articles 3, 17 and 34 of the Regulation on Decorations and Honorary Titles of Kosovo awarded by the President of Kosovo.

“Colonel Lansing E. Dickinson has given a special contribution to the successful accomplishment of the KPC mission and to building and developing the KSF.

With a great professional and human commitment, he engaged in building the KSF capacities under highest NATO standards. Colonel Lansing E. Dickinson has also given a great contribution in terms of coordinating the support that the US Government and the NATO have provided to the Kosovo Security Force.

Lansing E. Dickinson’s engagement remains a value and a source of professional inspiration for the Kosovo Security Force and for the people of the Republic of Kosovo”, President Sejdiu has said in his justification, adding that the proposal to award Colonel Dickinson came from his cooperators with the KSF and the Ministry of the KSF.