President Pacolli requests KSF superiors be educated in the NATO military academies

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Behgjet Pacolli received today Admiral Samuel J. Locklear, the NATO Allied Joint Forces Nepal Commander, who was accompanied by the KFOR troops Commander General Erhard Buhler.

President Pacolli thanked Admiral Locklear for all the contribution that NATO had and was providing to the people of Kosovo, with a special emphasis on a continued support in training and building professional capacities of the Kosovo Security Force (KSF). In that regard, he requested KSF superiors be educated in various NATO military academies.
President Pacolli also requested again that KSF members partake, whenever deemed necessary, in NATO peacekeeping missions around the world.
In a statement made after the meeting, President Pacolli said he had received from Admiral Samuel J. Locklear “all assurances that the NATO will deal with the problems faced by the people of Kosovo and support the Kosovo Security Force, so as to prepare them for a joint journey in the future”.
“On my part, I want to express my readiness to cooperate with the NATO unreservedly and with the KFOR here in Kosovo in particular. I expressed my personal and people of Kosovo’s appreciation for what the KFOR is doing for Kosovo, so that in the future we can move on together towards the large home of the NATO” – he said.
President Pacolli underscored the importance of the KFOR presence in Kosovo, maintaining that the people of Kosovo retained an indefinite admiration and respect for the KFOR.
He also spoke of the KFOR troops’ downsizing, adding that they had been reduced size wise, but that that their actions had been improved quality wise, and maintaining that, in the meanwhile, the downswing of the troops was a sign of a stable situation in the country and a boost of KSF capacities.
Having congratulated President Pacolli on his new assignment, the NATO Allied Joint Forces Nepal Commander Admiral Samuel J. Locklear said he had been in Kosovo several times over the past six months and he had noticed an array of positive changes during the period.
“Kosovo and NATO have been on a long journey together and will keep it on” – he said.
On the other hand, speaking of the downsizing of the KFOR troops, Admiral Samuel J. Locklear said that “does not downplay KFOR’s importance in Kosovo”.
With regard to the Kosovo Security Force, Admiral Locklear said attainment of the full operational capability by the KSF would be assessed in the forthcoming period.