President Pacolli receives the Albanian Deputy Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Edmond Haxhinasto

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Behgjet received today Mr. Edmond Haxhinasto, Deputy Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Albania.

President Pacolli first thanked the people and institutions of the Republic of Kosovo for what they have done and were doing for the people and the state of Kosovo.

In the beginning, he apprised Mr. Haxhinasto of current state of affairs in our country, of an important period that our country was going through and of many other matters, including efforts institutions of our country were making to overcome a array of challenges, with the assistance of friends and constant supporters.

President Pacolli thanked Minister Haxhinasto and his predecessors for the great job they had done on ensuring the largest number of recognitions possible for the young state of Kosovo. He expressed his hope that the Albanian diplomacy would keep engaging and would renew its efforts in that that direction, underlying, though, the need to develop an agenda of joint engagements, so that Kosovo could increase the number of recognitions and manage to accede to international institutions as soon as possible, what he held a permanent objective to the people and institutions of Republic of Kosovo.

In terms of interstate cooperation, President Pacolli expressed again the idea of providing conditions for the free movement of people, ideas and goods and of making the idea of a mini-Schengen zone a reality, for he said that would contribute to people’s freedom of movement and serve as a preparation for a quicker integration into the big European family.

He attached a great weight to economic cooperation, for which he said there were many opportunities, but that facilities should be provided to businesses of both states and of other states of the region.

The Deputy Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Albania Edmond Haxhinasto first congratulated President Pacolli on his new assignment, conveying President Topi and Prime Minister Berisha’s congratulations as well.

Mr. Haxhinasto said both countries maintained very good cooperation and more coordination would add to its efficiency. He also laid an emphasis on Albania’s efforts to make sure that Kosovo is not left out of various regional initiatives.

In terms of recognitions, Mr. Haxhinasto said Albania would keep on lobbying to ensure as many recognitions as possible and a joint program would be developed in cooperation with Kosovo institutions in that regard.

He also said the two countries would boost economic cooperation, facilitated now by road infrastructure and joint actions in other fields that he said contribute to a higher level of cooperation.