President Pacolli meets the leader of the LSI Mr. Ilir Meta

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Mr. Behgjet Pacolli held a meeting today with the leader of the Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI), Mr. Ilir Meta, with whom he discussed an array of important issues related to cooperation between the two countries as well as joint projects and continued engagement in ensuring as many recognitions for Kosovo as possible and in paving the way for the Euro-Atlantic integration.

“It was a great pleasure to meet the new President of Kosovo Mr. Behgjet Pacolli and congratulate him on his very important assignment in person. I believe that his new high function is an excellent opportunity for President Pacolli to build further on his previous substantial contribution to the recognition of Kosovo, because strengthening the position in the international arena is a major priority, just like his vision for the economy. I believe he will contribute a lot to the economic development of both our countries” – Mr. Ilir Meta said.
“The LSI supports the politics conducted by the President and the Government of Kosovo. It supports cooperation between the two countries, governments and parliaments and we are convinced that major projects that have been progressing successfully in Albania and Kosovo will further excellent relations between Albanians on both sides of the border, which has become very formal” – Mr. Meta said.
“It was an important meeting to me. A meeting with a friend is always special. Mr. Meta has contributed a lot to the promotion of the state of Kosovo and has strived for Kosovo’s recognition” – the President of Kosovo Behgjet Pacolli said on the other hand.
“I can tell you that he has left many jobs unfinished, as he has needed time, and I asked him to come to Kosovo and talk about pending issues, for we must not stop. I am sure that Mr. Ilir Meta will, by virtue of his energy and strong will, overcome any challenge successfully. We will work closely with him. We appreciate what he has done for Kosovo and I believe he will maintain his engagement in that respect” – President Pacolli said.