President Pacolli: 24 March – a great event that paved the way for Kosovo’s liberation and independence

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Behgjet Pacolli has issued a statement on the occasion of the 24th of March, the twelfth anniversary of NATO air strikes against Serbian military targets.

The statement reads:

The beginning of the NATO-s air strikes against Serbian military targets twelve years ago today was a great event that paved the way for the liberation and independence of Kosovo. The NATO campaign started on 24 mars 1999 and was an extraordinary act of humanism and a clear message by the democratic world to Milosevic’s regime indicating that the civilised world was resolved to stop the terrible crimes against Albanian civilians all around Kosovo by all means. The campaign was also e great success achieved by the NATO itself, as it passed one of the most difficult tests in the history of its existence.

Today, we, the people of Kosovo, compassionately commemorate all the victims of Milosevic’s atrocious terror and empathise with the families who are still seeking their missing loved ones.

Despite all the pains that war has inflicted upon Kosovo, today’s day symbolises a major headway that our country has made towards peace and prosperity. Today’s reality in Kosovo grants legitimacy and absolute righteousness to the international decision on air strikes against Serbia in 1999. Today, the independent Kosovo is on the right track to cementing its statehood by building credible institutions founded on a clear political platform and vision that guarantee development of a democratic society.

Striving for Euro-Atlantic integration, the people of Kosovo and its institutions will work intensively on creating an economically developed and politically stable country that guarantees equal life and freedom to all its citizens.

Building a society with democratic values that reflects a political stability is our greatest token of appreciation for the United States, for the EU countries and for other international friends that have supported Kosovo in its difficult quest for freedom and independence.

Institutions of Kosovo will keep on fostering our partnership with world democracies, by serving peace and stability for the entire region rather than for our own citizens only.