President Osmani: Transatlantic cooperation is crucial to the guaranteeing of energy security

In the framework of the Munich Security Conference Leaders' Meeting which is being held in Washington D.C, President Osmani was the keynote speaker at the roundtable on the topic of: Transatlantic Cooperation on Energy Security.
The war in Ukraine has exposed the risk of Europe's great dependence on Russia in terms of securing energy supplies. Distancing from Russian gas, coal and oil has become part of the package of sanctions of many European countries against Russia.

In face of these developments, President Osmani stated that a major challenge remains the finding of the right balance between short-term responses to the current energy crisis without compromising the goals and ambitions of the energy transition and climate action, while ensuring that the transition is fair and equitable.

Speaking on the importance of transatlantic cooperation in dealing with the energy crisis, President Osmani said: "While energy systems and policy design may be different on both sides of the Atlantic, our goals are common: ensuring a regular supply of prices reasonable and affordable through the promotion of sustainable policies, support for innovation and the achievement of objectives in combating climate change ".

Discussing the possibility of facing the shortfall of regular supply, economic challenges, energy market turmoil and rising energy prices, President Osmani stressed that in the face of tyranny, no price is too high to be paid to protect democracies and to defend freedom.