President Osmani: Traces of crime are not lost, the victims of Krusha e Vogël- a symbol of our freedom

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Vjosa Osmani, on the occasion of the reburial of the mortal remains of the 7 individuals killed in the Krusha e Vogël Massacre 23 years ago, emphasized that the traces of the crime are not lost and that today's reburial proves this.
"The bringing to light of the fate of these people is a relief for the families and for all of us because peace will make sense only when the fate of each of the nearly 1,600 forcibly missing will be known," said President Osmani. According to the President, the victims buried today are proof of the barbarity of Serbia's genocidal government, whose goal was the extermination of Albanians.

"Each of the victims of Krusha e Vogël, but also everywhere else in Kosovo, are symbols of our freedom, they are our collective memory for the road to freedom and state-building," said President Osmani.