President Osmani: The KSF ready for NATO membership

Today, President Vjosa Osmani-Sadriu received in a meeting the General Commander of the KSF, Lieutenant General Rrahman Rama with the team of Generals of the Force.

President Osmani congratulated the KSF for the work done so far and gave further support.

“I am very convinced that as they have been until today, the Kosovo Security Force, our army, will continue to remain example of professionalism and trust that citizens have in relation to them. Exactly this high credibility in relation to the Security Force, has influenced it to move forward more and more every day, and every day more and more to prove to each of us, but also to the whole world that our army is ready to move towards NATO membership, as our strategic goal”, President Osmani emphasized.

Mrs. Osman said that as the Supreme Commander of the KSF, she will support it so that the transition process is done as soon as possible.

“We must have the necessary budget support in order for this transition to be completed on time, and ideally it would be if we could finish it earlier, and of course to provide the greatest international support for bilateral cooperation for the KSF to have it and to advance it with the states separately, but also, as I said, participation in multilateral organizations, and especially there where our main goal is”, stressed the President.

Whereas, Lieutenant General Rama said that the Kosovo Security Force is one of the most reliable institutions, thanks to the commitment, dedication, discipline, professionalism shown from soldiers to the highest level. “As far as the Kosovo Security Force is concerned, we are ready 24/7 to come to the aid of all citizens of the Republic of Kosovo without distinction”, marked Lieutenant General Rama.