President Osmani received the students of the Atomi Institute: They are the most promising image of Kosovo, our wealth and our perspective

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani-Sadriu, received today the students of the Atomi Institute. President Osmani said that the present and the future of Kosovo will be better when education becomes a priority in policy-making and in our mentality.

“Today I wanted to have one of the first meetings with the group of students of the ‘Atomi’ Institute”. They are the most promising image of Kosovo, our greatest asset and our perspective. The bright minds, these extremely talented girls and boys, with well-articulated demands and such a far-sighted vision, only added my determination that we must work even harder to improve the state of the education system in the country”, said President Osmani.

According to President Osmani, each of these children will be a strong pillar of Kosovo’s future. They will be our image everywhere in the world and with their successes will make us proud! “I assured them that we will do everything we can to create an opportunity for them to have a quality education, not only for them but also for all children in Kosovo, which is properly combined with the labor market. I also promised them that I will cooperate with parents and other institutions to identify many other friends throughout Kosovo, just as intelligent, just as impressive”, stressed the President.

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani said that every child has a talent, but the display of the talent is individual: “With the intelligence, talent and skill we will build a generation of young people for the present and the future!”