President Osmani participated at the celebration of the 109th anniversary of the Junik Assembly

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Vjosa Osmani participated at the celebration of the 109th anniversary of the Assembly of Junik. In a keynote speech, President Osmani stressed that the Junik Assembly represents a pure national political and military platform of the armed struggle for national liberation and independence of Albania.

"The Assembly of Junik represents a strong political, military and cultural platform for the implementation of the independent Albanian state," said President Osmani.


According to her, this Assembly clearly articulated the legitimate demands of the Albanians for the independence of the country, as well as sealed the orientation of the Albanians for a traditional alliance with the west.


In this context, President Osmani emphasized that we must take care that the political legacy of the assembly, the prudence and determination of its leaders to take the fate of the country into their own hands and to realize the desire for freedom, be a type of a perpetual guide.


"As the president of the country, I will take great care that the pillars of statehood are strengthened, that historical memory is preserved and nurtured and that events such as the Junik Assembly receive the appropriate scientific and cultural treatment," said President Osmani.


The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, during the day also paid homage to the monument of heroes and martyrs of Junik.