President Osmani paid homage to the tomb of President Dr. Ibrahim Rugova and at the Jashari family memorial in Prekaz

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Dr. Vjosa Osmani-Sadriu, on the occasion of taking office, paid homage today and honored the memory and work of the architect of the state and independence, the historic president Dr. Ibrahim Rugova. President Osmani said that he has given politics its most precious dimension, the human dimension and at the same time has managed to make Kosovo and the sacrifice of its people known to the whole world. “The support he provided for our country, the friendships he provided for our state are still among the strongest foundations of our freedom, our independence and the democracy we are still building”, said President Osmani. Today, President Osmani also paid homage to the Jashari Family Memorial Complex in Prekaz.

“We are here to honor again, because even if we come every day it is not enough to honor the sacrifice of the Commander of the Kosovo Liberation Army, Adem Jashari, the entire Jashari family, who became the greatest symbol of bravery, sacrifice and self-denial for the homeland”, the President emphasized. According to President Osmani, the sacrifice of the Jashari family lies in the foundations of our freedom, and as such it must not only be remembered, but also passed down from generation to generation, to be learned by the new generations, by our children, but also by the children of our children, so that everyone understands, that this is exactly this palce where the highest price was paid for the freedom we enjoy today. “Therefore, their memory has been transformed into eternity, has been transformed into the most important guide and light, in the steps we take forward to push our Kosovo, our beloved state towards success, and the greatest honor we can do to all the heroes, to all those who fell for our country will be if we work well, work righteously and work honestly for our citizens, for all of us who survived the horror and genocide caused by the Serbian state”, said President Osmani.

In today’s activities, the President has placed bouquets of flowers at the Memorial for the Missing, as well as at the “Heroines” Monument.

President Osmani said that the issue of the missing should be the number one priority in the dialogue with Serbia. According to her, the missing are still an open wound for Kosovo and a great pain for everyone.

“Therefore, not only should this be the number one priority in the dialogue between the Republic of Kosovo and Serbia, but on the other hand it should be the daily institutional commitment of each of us. Because beyond politics we have a moral and human obligation, because beyond politics Kosovo will not be able to move forward as we still have 1600 families who feel the pain and absence of their loved ones every day”, stressed the President.

Meanwhile, at the “Heroines” Memorial, the President said that this monument symbolizes over 20 thousand women and men who have been victims of unprecedented violence since the last war in Kosovo.

“No case so far, 22 years after the war, has found justice for the criminals to be brought to justice. Therefore, the survivors of violence during the war need justice and for this our institutions should be an example in treating and supporting all of them who have experienced hell but have become an example of strength and the pushing forward of our state”, said Mrs. Osmani.