President Osmani met with EU Foreign Policy Head Mr. Josep Borrell

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Vjosa Osmani, during her stay in New York at a joint informal dinner with presidents of a number of countries of the region, met with the Head of the EU Foreign Policy, Mr. Josep Borrell.
The situation in the region and the relations of the countries of the Balkan region with the EU were discussed at the dinner.

President Osmani pointed out that Kosovo's future is in the EU and in this context she mentioned the fact that Kosovo has met all the visa liberalization criteria. For this reason, she stipulated, that it is up to the EU now to fulfil its promises towards Kosovo.

President Osmani also spoke of the current situation in Kosovo, mentioning the implementation of the license plates agreement.

"Kosovo has fulfilled a legal aspect by implementing the 2011 and 2016 agreements on license plates. Efforts to create tension and destabilization by the illegal structure supported by Serbia must be adjudicated by the EU itself," said President Osmani.

According to Madam President, Kosovo is the constructive party in the dialogue process with Serbia, but this process must conclude with mutual recognition of the current borders and within the current legal order.