President Osmani meets with the Prime Minister of Ireland Micheál Martin: All citizens of Kosovo benefit from membership in the Council of Europe

President Osmani met today in Brussels with the Prime Minister of Ireland Micheál Martin, as well as with Thomas Byrne, Minister of European Affairs of this country. She thanked Ireland for the support to date, emphasizing that Euro-Atlantic integration has no alternative for our Republic. She stressed however that the more the EU blurs and drags on the European perspective of the Western Balkans, the more room is created for malignant influences of other factors in our region.

The President asked for Ireland's support for Kosovo's membership in the Council of Europe, where Ireland now has the leading role. "With Kosovo's membership in this organization the citizens of Kosovo benefit, as well as the Council of Europe by strengthening its ranks with a democratic state with a high level of protection of human rights and the rule of law," said the President.