President Osmani: In front of the Afghan citizens we showed that we have opened not only our doors but also our hearts

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Vjosa Osmani together with Prime Minister Albin Kurti, the Minister of Internal Affairs Xhelal Sveçla, the Minister of Defense Armend Mehaj and the Ambassadors of Quint countries welcomed the first group of Afghans who arrived in Kosovo tonight at the Pristina International Airport "Adem Jashari".
President Osmani said that they welcomed the first group of Afghan citizens who were workers or contractors of our NATO allies and who need protection now more than ever.

"Today, in front of all of them, we showed that we have opened not only the doors but also our hearts because as people who have been victims of a genocidal government, we understand very well what it means to be forced to leave your home. Therefore, we are proud to stand by our partners and contribute to the efforts of all our partners, starting with the United States and every single NATO state, so that this human tragedy is reduced and that those who come here to Kosovo feel that they are finally safe ", said President Osmani. 

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo Albin Kurti said that we welcomed the Afghan refugees who are certainly desperate who have been forced to leave their homes, to leave their homeland and we told them that they are our guests and that they are safe here. 

"It is an honor for us, it is an honor for me to have the opportunity to help these refugees who, like all the people around the world, deserve to have rights and freedoms. When it comes to a humanitarian issue when it comes to our partners and allies such as the United States and NATO, then the question is not why, but we just say how? So, all the issues we are discussing are only of a technical and logistical nature, how to make it as easier as possible for these refugees after a conflict and after they left behind their homeland. On this occasion, we thank both NATO and the United States of America for their close communication and cooperation to date in order to welcome these refugees whom we are helping together. "More than 22 years ago, NATO made a humanitarian intervention in Kosovo to stop the genocide of Serbia, and now, side by side with NATO, we are helping other refugees who need our support," said Prime Minister Kurti.

 He further added that together with the President of the Republic Mrs. Vjosa Osmani, the Minister of Interior, Mr. Xhelal Sveçla during the last weeks have had very close cooperation in order that everything goes as smoothly for the refugees who just arrived and will continue to arrive, as well as for us, the host country.