President Osmani decrees Mrs. Irfete Spahiu with the rank of Major General and appoints her as KSF Inspector General

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Vjosa Osmani in a ceremony organized at the Presidency, pursuant to her constitutional and legal competencies, has promoted Brigadier General Irfete Spahiu to the rank of KSF Major General.
By a separate decree, President Osmani has appointed Ms. Spahiu as KSF Inspector General.

President Osmani congratulated Major General Spahiu, wishing her further success in the professional development of the KSF. According to President Osmani, it is the first time in the history of the state of Kosovo and our army to have a female major general at the top of its hierarchy. The appointment of Ms. Spahiu to the position of KSF Inspector General, according to President Osmani is a guarantee for the continuation of good functioning and implementation of professional standards of the Force.

"The KSF is becoming more and more professional each day. The greater inclusion of women in the leadership structure of the KSF makes it stronger, more reliable and more professional. "Major General Spahiu is one of the pillars of the KSF, so more should be done for more women to be included in the composition and leadership of the KSF," said President Osmani.