President Osmani asks the SEECP members countries which have not as yet recognised Kosovo to do so

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Vjosa Osmani participated today at the South- East European Cooperation Process (SEECP) annual summit. In her address to the representatives of the member countries of this forum, President Osmani mentioned the challenges faced by the region, the EU integration process as well as the opportunities for regional cooperation. In particular, she spoke in relation to the role that the Republic of Kosovo is playing in establishing and maintaining peace and stability in the region.

Expressing her gratitude to the organiser, Turkey, for the organisation of this year's summit, President Osmani expressed her pleasure with the fact that Kosovo managed to organise and host last year's summit despite the extraordinary challenges it faced due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Speaking of the importance of regional cooperation, she stressed that cooperation is necessary but should be developed while respecting each other.


"Regional co-operation is necessary, but also possible," she said, "if it is based on recognition and respect for each other."


According to her, the region has undertaken great, decades-long endeavours to build a better future for everyone in the region.


"We must continue these endeavours," said President Osmani. "We face similar challenges, but we can help create a safer environment and increase security and stability in the region."

She once again called on countries that have not yet recognized Kosovo's independence to recognize it as soon as possible, because it is an irreversible reality, and to fully respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our country.


"The Republic of Kosovo has established a clear belief that Euro-Atlantic integration is the goal of its citizens, but we want to ensure that this process will be accelerated in order to guarantee peace and stability in the region, but also to increase the well-being of the citizens of the region,” said Mrs. Osmani.


"Our future is in the European Union and NATO," she said. "Euro-Atlantic integration is not just an alternative for us, it parks the only way forward," added President Osmani.


"But our commitment to integration must be recognized by the European Union. As we are moving rapidly towards the integration of our country, fulfilling all the requirements placed on us, the European Union must appreciate the commitment of the citizens of Kosovo and keep the promise of visa liberalization for the citizens of our country, but also for faster integration of all countries of the region in the EU," said President Osmani.