President Jahjaga’s statement on the occasion of the International Missing Persons Day

On the occasion of the August 30th, the International Missing Persons day, President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, emphasized, through a statement, that missing persons are one of the hardest aching wounds of the last war in our country.

The issue of missing persons is a painful inheritance left by the wars in the region and especially in Kosovo, being one of the issues that require full and outright efforts of all national and international factors.

The institutions of Kosovo will not rest in their endeavours until the fate of each missing individual, missed for so many years by their family members, is known, and will persist in its engagements that perpetrating criminals are brought to justice. The issue of missing persons is one of the important issues that will be discussed in the dialogue with Serbia, and we are asking that this issue is treated with high priority.

President Jahjaga has, since the very beginning of her mandate, in her discussions with the Prime minister and the Mayor of Prishtina, raised the idea of the erection of an obelisk in commemoration of the martyrs and missing persons that went missing during the war.