President Jahjaga’s statement issued after the meetings with the leaders of Kosovo’s Parliamentary Parties

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, held today consultational meetings with the leaders of Kosovo’s Parliamentary Parties.

Madam President held separate meetings with Prime Minister and at the same time President of PDK, Mr. Hashim Thaçi, LDK President, Mr. Isa Mustafa, and President of the Vetevendosje Movement, Mr. Albin Kurti, AKR President, Mr. Behgjet Pacolli, SLS President Mr. Slobodan Petrovic and KDTP President, Mr. Mahir Jagxhillar.

After the meetings, President Jahjaga issued a media statement, which we are publishing below:

Today I consulted with the political leaders on the need of Republic of Kosovo’s cooperation with the international community, United States of America and European Union.

We agreed on our achievements on the development of the rule of law sector and transfer of competencies upon the institutions of Kosovo. We also discussed the importance of the need for the continuation of the EULEX mandate until June 2016.

On the letter addressed to Baroness Ashton I will be requesting the continuation of the EULEX Mission and the need for the establishment of Kosovo Tribunal with seats within and outside Kosovo, in order to address the accusations raised by the Council of Europe Report of the year 2010.

Establishment of a special tribunal reflects Kosovo’s engagement for an independent and impartial process with regard to handling of these accusations in a credible manner. This tribunal will be concentrated on individuals and individual acts and is not a tribunal on collective engagements of our nation for liberation and independence.

As I also told to the political leaders, I ask for your support in undertaking of these important steps in order to further strengthen the rule of law in Kosovo with the help of EULEX, addressing of the war crime accusations and advancement of our Euro-Atlantic aspirations.