President Jahjaga’s address at the media conference after the meeting with Presidents Vujanović, Nishani and Ivanov

After the multilateral meeting in Budva, Montenegro, President of Montenegro, Mr Filip Vujanović, President of Macedonia Mr Gjeorgi Ivanov, President of Albania mr Bujar Nishani and President of the Republic of Kosovo Mrs Atifete Jahjaga held a joint media conference.

Please find below the address made by President Jahjaga at the conference:
I would like to present my congratulations to the President of Montenegro for a good organisation of the Four Presidents of the countries of the region Summit. We are continuing with the tradition of the good cooperation, of mutual information and coordination. I express my pleasure that the whole Summit proceeded in a constructive atmosphere, of mutual understanding and in an ambiance where the incentive for finding of opportunities for expansion of cooperation between our countries and people prevailed.
The main agenda of the Summit was our integration into European Union, taking into consideration that membership of each country individual, but also understanding the importance of mutual assistance of all the countries of the Western Balkans and of utilisation of each other’s experiences.
We, as leaders of our respective countries, discussed all the relevant issues that are in the interests of our countries and that strengthen and expand cooperation.
The general atmosphere of the Summit was that of honesty and constructiveness, in full faith and without any subjects that might be classed as taboo.
We discussed the regional cooperation projects, building of infrastructure of our respective countries and interconnections of these projects with most important European corridors, namely corridors 5, 8 and 10.
We also discussed the potential cross-border cooperation opportunities, projects of joint-capital and drawing of European Development funds. Also, we disscussed the important issues of Integrated Border Management and free movement of people and goods.
Same Summit will also be organised again next year, and we expressed our aspiration, that similar to the previous ones, this Summit should remain open for participation for the other countries of the region.
It is now upon our respective Governments to achieve further cooperation in all the relevant fields.
As leaders of our respective countries, we emphasized our dedication towards strengthening of the peace and stability in the region and building of good neighbourly relations. I would like to emphasize that the Independence of Kosovo is an irreversible process and that next year we will be celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Independence. Republic of Kosovo has become an internationally respected State and is providing its contribution in the maintenance of the peace and stability.
All the leaders bestowed their strong support to the dialogue process between the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Serbia, taking place in Brussels with the facilitation of EU and strongly supported by the USA, and agreements reached in certain fields that facilitate the lives and activities of the citizens. The level of the representation of the State has been increased and both Prime Ministers of the two countries are now leading this process, with the aim that an agreement on the full normalisation of the relations between the Republic of Kosovo and Republic of Serbia is reached by next year.