President Jahjaga visited the Agricultural Products Fair

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga visited today the Agricultural Products Fair, organized by the Chamber of Commerce (KCC).

Accompanied by the head of the KCC, Safet Gerxhaliu, she talked with many businesses and enterprises representatives that have exhibited their products at this fair, which is opened on 5 October and remains open until tomorrow.

President Jahjaga encouraged the local manufacturers to continue their work and to extend the range of products. She also stressed that those producing in addition to local consumer needs, to also produce for markets outside Kosovo in the region and beyond, where Kosovar products can successfully penetrate.

She said that the businesses have her support and the support of the institutions of the country. She reminded that during the recent visit to Brussels, one of her requirements was the signature of the preferential arrangement for Kosovo, in order that the products of Kosovo can be placed on the European market.

We must focus on economic development, so that, with the support of the national institutions, Kosovo will also achieve break through into the European market as soon as possible, said among others President Atifete Jahjaga.