President Jahjaga participated at the unveiling of the statue of the martyr Rexhep Bislimi

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga participated today at the public gathering organised on the occasion of the unveiling of the statue of the martyr Rexhep Bislimi, held at the main square in Ferizaj.

On this occasion President Jahjaga addressed all those present at this gathering, with the following words: 

Honourable citizens of Ferizaj

Honourable participants of this eminent gathering

Honourable Mother Hava

Honourable family members of the martyrs and war invalids

Honourable Prime Minister Thaçi

Honourable Mayor Aliu

Honourable representatives of the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo,

Naming of the streets and squares and erection of statues and monuments in dedication of those who worked hard for the freedom of Kosovo is an honour for us, and at the same time a dedication in keeping them close to our hearts and minds of our historic memory and consciousness.

Only in this manner can we understand that the road to freedom, independence and democracy was a road filled with sacrifice.

We will succeed in our work and engagements only if we are guided by the acts of the best sons and daughters of our nation who stopped at nothing and spared nothing for freedom of Kosovo and for the advancement of the national cause.

As per the proposal made by the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, I have awarded the martyr of the nation Rexhep Bislimi the highest order “Hero of Kosovo”.

Enjoy the square with the statute of hero Rexhep Bislimi and keep it and look after it with pride and joy.

Thank you.