President Jahjaga met with General-Major Timothy Orr

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga met today with General-Major of the American National Guard of the State of Iowa, Mr. Timothy Orr.

President  Jahjaga thanked General Orr on his personal engagements in strengthening and advancement of inter-state partnership between the Republic of Kosovo and The US state of Iowa, especially that between the American National Guard and the Kosovo Security Force. President Jahjaga stated that the help provided by the American National Guard to KSF in rising of the capacities, education and professionalism is of a great importance and it must be continued. She emphasized that KSF has gained the skills and is prepared to participate in international missions in cases of emergency in any place around the world.

Speaking about the cooperation in other fields, President Jahjaga stated that Kosovo and the State of Iowa must expand their relationship, particularly in the fields of agriculture, alternative energy and promotion of investments. President Jahjaga stated that General Orr’s visit, which is made after the visit that she made to the State of Iowa in June this year, is an important one and it shows the continuations of our mutual interest to advance the relations between the Republic of Kosovo and the State of Iowa.

General-Major Timothy Orr assessed the relations between the State of Iowa and the Republic of Kosovo as excellent and appreciated the engagement and the leadership of President Jahjaga in advancement of these relations. He said that after the President’s visit to Iowa, another delegation of ministerial level visited his state, which shows the continuation and the expansion of the relations.

General Orr said that the State of Iowa is dedicated to the partnership with the Republic of Kosovo and said that this is a priority in his work. He also said that the National Guard of the State of Iowa will help KSF in all the fields leading to its further professionalization. General Orr stated that Iowa is also dedicated in helping Kosovo in the field of agriculture and all other segments where it might be deemed necessary.

Otherwise, President Jahjaga during her visit to the USA, in June of this year, visited the State of Iowa as well, where she met with State’s senior officials and also visited the American National Guard as well as a number of educational and agricultural institutions in order to perceive the possibilities for cooperation between Kosovo and Iowa.