President Jahjaga expressed her condolences to family Kelmendi

With the death of the deputety of the Assembly of Kosovo, Mrs. Nekibe Kelmendi, The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga sent a telegram of condolences to family Kelmendi.

In the telegram it is said:

Dear family Kelmendi,

With deep pain and sorrow I received the news of the separation from this world of Mrs. Nekibe Kelmendi, the untiring activist of the perpetuation of the ideals of freedom, independence and democracy.

The family lost the beloved mother, grandmother, sister, who departed to join the world of eternity with her loved ones and the most precious of this martyr family, husband and sons, whose aim was the foundation of freedom and the national issue.

Kosovo lost an untiring activist, honest and fair, who with her professionalism and commitment overcame every difficulty. The Institutions of Kosovo take inspiration and confidence in the life and work of Mrs. Kelmendi to build the Republic of Kosovo, a sovereign and independent state, member of the European Union and in eternal friendship with the United States of America.

The family and we are proud that we had her and that she left a guidance work for building a democratic society, in full respect of the human rights and freedoms, dignified and prosperous.

 The memory for all she did for the homeland is eternal.