President Jahjaga condemns the destruction of objects at the Jarinje Border Crossing

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs Atifete Jahjaga, strongly condemns the violence and the destruction of objects at the border crossing between the Republic of Kosovo and Republic of Serbia, at Jarinje, committed by a group of violent Serbian citizens.

Destruction of the objects of the Border Crossing and the violence exercised by certain groups, acts that prevent the rule of law, is unacceptable and does not contribute to the normalisation of the situation in the northern municipalities of Kosovo.

President Jahjaga emphasizes that these acts of violence lead to the escalation of the situation and damages the efforts made by the local and international institutions towards the implementation of the rule of law and towards the assurance of a normal life for the citizens who reside in these areas.

Integrated Border Management Agreement (IBM) between the Republic of Kosovo and Republic of Serbia guarantees stability for both states, it strengthens the rule of law at the border crossings and helps towards the normalisation of the relations between two countries. This agreement ensures the free  movement of goods in accordance with the international norms.

President Jahjaga assesses that the agreements reached between the Republic of Kosovo and Republic of Serbia, facilitated by EU and strongly supported by the USA must be implemented, as they ease the lives of citizens on both sides of the border.

President Jahjaga appeals to the Republic of Serbia to terminate its support for the illegal structures in the municipalities in the northern part of the territory of Kosovo, structures that hold hostage the lives of the citizens living in this area.

President of the Republic of Serbia, Mrs Atifete Jahjaga, requests that the relevant security institutions re-establish the law and order at the border crossings with respect to the implementation of the Integrated Border Management Agreement.