President Atifete Jahjaga returned from the visit to the USA

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Madam Atifete Jahjaga returned today from the visit to the USA. At the Prishtina Airport, she had a press conference, during which she stressed that the visit in the USA was extremely successful.

President Jahjaga stressed that during the visit in the USA she met with the U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, with the U.S. Under Secretary of Defense, Michele Flournoy, with the Attorney General of the USA, Eric Holder, with the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Robert Mueller, then with senators Mark Kirk and Ross Johnson, with former U.S. Secretary of state, Madeleine Albright, as well as with a range of popular personalities, while she also had two lectures in two prestigious universities.

At the meetings, I raised a number of issues which ate in the interest of Kosovo and Kosovo’s citizens. In all these meetings I received the concrete support and backing, on all the discussed issues, said President Jahjaga.

Further, President Jahjaga stressed that Kosovo is an independent state, a sovereign state, which has its territorial integrity and its sovereignty and that the U.S. support for the Republic of Kosovo will continue even in the future, as a state which is an important factor of peace and stability in the region.

She stressed that the visit to the U.S. was in order to advance the relations between Kosovo and the USA.

Now Kosovo is not only seen as a country which needs help, but it is seen as a country which can strongly contribute to international relations, being a good example of building a common life for the citizens, by respecting the values that we have already built. Also, we as a country we have set up all the necessary capabilities and are willing to take part in all mission and regional and international initiatives, said President Jahjaga.

During the press conference, the President answered the journalists’ questions:

Question: What kind of role will the National Council Anti Corruption have. Will it have executive powers or will it only be consultative?

Answer: I stated it also in my speech in the Assembly of Kosovo that I will create a Coordinating Council Anti Corruption, which is within the scope of my constitutional and legal competencies. All those institutions which are part, which take part in this council, will maintain their institutional independence within this council.

I am very committed to win the battle against organized crime and corruption and we can do this only if we have a proper organization and mobilization within the structures of our country and by any means, it is necessary, to use and to apply the best practices of the states which have passed through this stage, which have an experience and an expertise.
I received concrete support in combating these phenomena.

Question: Which is the uniqueness of this council and when can we expect the results of its work?

Answer: I said that as soon as I return from this trip I will begin with the formation of this council. It is mainly a coordinating and consultative council within the institutions and I believe that we will have collaboration within all institutions.

We must have a better life for all our citizens and have to eradicate a phenomenon which is preventing many processes in our country.

Question: Many initiatives have been undertaken earlier to fight corruption. The formation of this council by you, does it mean that the Government has not done its job?

Answer: This body is mainly coordinating and consultative. It is in my constitutional power to have the harmonization of policies which are in the interest of the country.

Question: How is this initiative received in the USA and what can the USA help in this regard?

Answer: It is received very well. There has also been an open declaration by the Secretary of State, Madam Clinton, immediately after the meeting. Also, yesterday I attended the conference “Women in security”. At that conference the initiative was greeted. We will certainly have a very concrete support in combating this phenomenon.