President Atifete Jahjaga receives President Bujar Nishani

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga received today the President of Republic of Albania, Mr. Bujar Nishani.

By invitation of the President Jahjaga, President Nishani, undertakes his first official visit abroad, to Kosovo, since his election as the President of the Republic of Albania.

President Nishani was welcomed with the official ceremonies by President Jahjaga, and after the official welcome, both presidents held a meeting where they discussed a number of issues of common interest.

After the meeting, Presidents Jahjaga and Nishani chaired the respective delegations in a joint meeting.

President Jahjaga and President Nishani emphasized the great dedication of the institutions of Kosovo and Albania for a wider and better cooperation of our two countries in all fields, and for a joint support of each other on the road of international integrations.

They also emphasized the great importance of ending of supervision of the independence, act that marks a very important moment in Kosovo’s journey towards European Integrations.

After the meeting, President Jahjaga and President Nishani issued a press release and answered the questions of the journalists.

Below are the statements of President Jahjaga and President Nishani:

President Jahjaga:
I express to the President of Albania a warm welcome and a fruitful state visit in the Republic of Kosovo. I highly value President Nishani’s wish to pay his first visit abroad in our country, which brings a message and symbolism during celebrations of this 100th anniversary of Albania’s independence.  Our forefathers gave immense contribution to Albania’s independence and to uprisings for national liberation, and were active participants in the Assembly of Vlora.

We had a productive discussion with the purpose of seeking further comprehensive cooperation between our two countries, aiming to advance and expand investment initiatives and joint access to third markets. We agreed that the border between our two countries is a European border that unites people, enabling free communication and tangible programs to utilize our resources.

During this year, all segments of the national “Ibrahim Rugova” highway will be completed. The highway, from Prishtina to Durrës, will significantly help trade and circulation of goods between our countries. The access of the Republic of Kosovo to the Albanian ports is of extraordinary importance for the promotion of our products, as well as for strengthening economic ties with all countries around the world.  

I thanked President Nishani for the continued assistance in all areas that Albania is giving to Kosovo. We fully agreed that the support of the Albanian state will also continue in the future, especially with regard to lobbying for new recognitions of Kosovo’s independence, Kosovo’s membership in regional and global organizations, Kosovo’s representation in third countries, and our path of Euro-Atlantic integrations throughout which we can learn a lot from Albania’s success and practices.

We, the Presidents, representing the unity of the people, represent fundamental principles and the principal trends of politics. The governments of our two countries bring these trends to life through concrete agreements on economic, cultural, educational, healthcare, and scientific cooperation, as well as on other areas of common interest. We are and we will continue to set a good example of bilateral and regional cooperation. This is in the interest of all citizens, in the interest of progress and development, peace and stability of the region.

President Nishani: I would like to express my pleasure and honour that I undertake my first official visit abroad in the capacity of the President of Albania, to Kosovo. I would like to use the opportunity to thank President Jahjaga for the invitation and for the  excellent hospitality.

During this visit I had the opportunity to see the great advancements that Kosovo and its citizens have made during these years of independence and freedom.

Free, independent, democratic and sovereign Kosovo is not only an irreversible reality, but also an obligative factor of peace, stability and economic development of the whole Balkan region.

With President Jahjaga we had a very friendly and important discussion regarding the achievements of our two countries and our close political cooperation as well as economic and general cooperation, which must be advanced and strengthened even more.

The free movement and communication of citizens of our two countries is already one of the best models in implementation of universal principles of human rights and freedoms. We must orient and consolidate the movement of goods and trade towards the above standard as well.

I had the opportunity to express my congratulations to the President on the decision of the International Steering Group to end the supervisory stage of the independence which opens a new chapter for the State of Kosovo, as a sovereign and independent state. This great achievement is dedicated to the citizens and the society of Kosovo, political representatives and its institutions, to its maturity, wisdom, courage and dignity.

A particular merit belongs to President Jahjaga for her personal contribution in affirmation of the dignified profile of the state of Kosovo and for handling with maturity the challenges that Kosovo faces.

I expressed unreserved readiness and willingness of the Republic of Albania in offering of all the positive  experiences to the institutions of Kosovo for the integrational processes that Kosovo has embarked on and particularly in the efforts made by Albania for the inclusion of Kosovo in the Adriatic Charter.

We share the same viewpoints on common challenges faced by our two countries, as is the war on corruption, consolidation of the independent institutions, social responsibility of political actors and expansion of the free trade areas.

This meeting is held on the 100th anniversary of the Independence of Albania, process that was sparked by the great League of Prizren and ended with the Assembly of the Albanian Men in Vlora. This will be a moment of joy and celebrations for all the Albanians, wherever they are. This is also a moment for reflection.

I invited President Jahjaga to honour us with her presence during the festivities.

My first visit as the President of Albania to Kosovo will remain the best memory of my whole life.