President Atifete Jahjaga received a delegation of SEEMO

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Madam Atifete Jahjaga, received today a delegation of SEEMO (Organization of Southeastern Europe Media).

President Jahjaga considered that freedom of expression, media freedom and freedom of the press are the fundamental characteristics of the democratic society and said that Kosovo during these years has achieved a high degree of development of all media.

She said that the code of ethics and the profession, the cultivation of professional journalism, the journalist’s dignity are matters that should be promoted and supported in order to have a journalism which informs accurate and right.

She said that she leads with the principle of transparency and that she is committed to the full respect of the constitutionality and legality in all fields also in the field of the media.

She also spoke about the developments in the country and the process of the dialogue between the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Serbia, with the mediation and facilitation of the EU.

The SEEMO delegation was interested in the freedom of expression and media in Kosovo, about the role of media in the society and on the report of the international missions and media in Kosovo.