NIPH Director informed President Thaçi with most recent developments of COVID-19 pandemic

Prishtina March 18th 2020 – President of the Republic of Kosovo Hashim Thaçi received today the Director of the National Public Health Institute of Kosovo, Naser Ramadani, who informed the President with the overall situation and most recent developments in fighting of the COVID-19 pandemic.

President Thaçi expressed his deepest gratitude for director Ramadani and his staff and the endeavours they are undertaking.

“I express the deepest appreciation and gratitude to you, your staff and the work you are doing,: said President Thaçi.

Director Ramadani informed President Thaçi with all the steps that the National Institute of Public Health has undertaken in order to identify all cases of individuals infected with COVID-19 and for treatment of all those confirmed positive for COVID-19.

“We will overcome this situation easier if citizens are cooperative and adhere to the recommendations for personal hygiene and social distance,” said doctor Ramadani.

President Thaçi expressed his support for the work of the National Institute of Public Health and called on citizens to follow in detail the recommendations made by the Institute.