Jahjaga: Vacllav Havel was a friend and big supporter of Kosovo

On the passing away of former President of the Czech Republic, recognized dissident of international proportions and the great friend of Kosovo, Vaclav Havel, the President of the Republic of Kosovo, Madam Atifete Jahjaga expressed her condolences today to the Czech people and leadership.

In telegram it is said:

With great sorrow we received the news of the death of Mr. Vacllav Havel, the recognized dissident of global proportions, the great writer, the leader of the Velvet Revolution which gave freedom to the Czech Republic in 1989 and the honored Czech President.

Mr. Havell’s death is a great loss for the Czech people and country, but also for all freedom-loving people in the world, who in his dissident actions found the impetus and inspiration for the popular movements for freedom.

The people and institutions of the Republic of Kosovo will always remember the great friend and supporter of our country, who raised his voice since the nineties to stop the Serb violence in Kosovo, becoming an ambassador and supporter of the ongoing aspiration and our struggle for freedom.

His support for Kosovo has been ongoing and it is appreciated and is highly praised by the institutions and people of Kosovo, for which he is awarded with the high decoration “Gold Medal for Peace, Democracy and Humanism - Dr. Ibrahim Rugova”.

Memories for the life and work of the great friend of Kosovo, Vaclav Havel will remain permanent.