Jahjaga: Kosovo has a tradition in the preservation of cultural and religious heritage

The president of the Republic of Kosovo, Madam Atifete Jahjaga stayed today in the municipality of Prizren and visited several objects of cultural and religious heritage, the restoration and protection of which is done with donations of the United States Embassy of America in Kosovo.

Below we give the speech held by President Jahjaga during the visit to the Tekke Sheh Zade:

Honored Minister of Culture Krasniqi,
Honored Mayor of the Municipality of Prizren Muja,
Honored U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Kosovo Dell,
Honored benevolents of the historical cultural and religious values,

Today we have come here to give support to the protection and welfare of our cultural, historical and religious monuments, to support a donation which is given by the Embassy of the United States of America in Kosovo in the context of many aids and specific projects that our friends are giving for Kosovo.

The Tekke of Sheh Zades, where we are, deserves the care of our state for full restoration, because with this we testify the respect for the past and for our objects of worship. With this care we respect our present and future.

Today we will also visit the Church of St. Nicholas in Bogoshevc and the old hydropower plant of Prizren, which have also received donations from the American Embassy.

With this symbolic visit, I, the President of the country, would like to encourage everyone to put in disposal everything that is required to honor and respect our past. This past, expressed in the architectural values, in cultural heritage, in the objects of worship, in religious objects is proof that we lived together for centuries and that we have a history which is mainly a cultural history of civilization. In our daily life we were always side by side, and religious affiliation was a matter of determination, which was respected and honored by all because the belief in one God, in one Deity strengthens the man and has given meaning to human life in the past and even today.

In our country, objects of cultural and historical heritage, as well as those of religious heritage, are protected by law. Whereas, due to the circumstances created, buildings and monuments of the Serbian Orthodox heritage in Kosovo are protected with the Ahtisaari’s package, but also by a special law approved by the Assembly of Kosovo.

As a society, we have a tradition in preserving our unique heritage, but which is also common. We will continue even in the future to sustain and support the preservation and cultivation of religious and national values and the civic values of each, because these are values that strengthen us and through which we demonstrate respect for the past and clear definition for the future. The Republic of Kosovo is proud of its citizenship and with the religious tolerance. We will further strengthen these values during our journey towards EU membership.


Whereas, during the visit to the Church of St. Nicholas in Bogoshevc, addressing the audience, President Jahjaga said:

My visit to your village is made on the occasion of the donation of the American Embassy to repair the Church of St. Nicholas.

This is a symbolic, important and concrete aid for the work that will be performed on this important facility of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

This is an example that we are all together and that we will help each other to build a better future and happier future.

We will build this future if we feel free and respect each other in our country.