Franco Fratini: Italia committed to support Kosovo on its way to European Integration

28 April 2010- The President of Republic of Kosovo, Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu expressed today to the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Franco Fratini, the heartiest appreciation of all the people of Kosovo for the support that Italy has and is providing to Kosovo and for its commitment to support the progress, the growth and the vision of Kosovo to become a member of the European Union and NATO

“I updated Minister Fratini on all the progress and achievements made in Kosovo and challenges that Kosovo is facing, on our inclination to see the reality as it is, without any embellishment, and on the commitment of our institutions to a better future for all the people of our country”, President Sejdiu said following the meeting with Minister Fratini.

President Sejdiu told Minister Fratini that Kosovar institutions are committed to cooperation with all the countries of the region and neighborliness with the Republic of Serbia, which, President Sejdiu maintained, must be founded on relations between two sovereign states.

On the other hand, Minister Fratini said that Italy is committed to support Kosovo on its road to European integration.

“Italy is committed to support Kosovo on its road to European integration. Kosovo deserves a progress on its path to Europe, starting with the free movement of its citizens, namely the visa liberalization, up to negotiations that I hope will begin soon on a free trade agreement between Kosovo and the European Union”, Fratini said.

Speaking of the conference due to be held in Sarajevo, Mr. Fratini said that he was sure that Kosovo will provide an important and positive contribution and that the attendance will be based on an the equal footage of all those who will participate in the conference.

Minister Fratini also said that a channel for a constructive dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia should exist and that he encourages such a dialogue. He said it is crucial that Kosovo respects minority rights and that KFOR’s role in this regard was and remains important, but always in view of a dignified cooperation will all the people of the country.

“It is clear that the European Union encourages both countries to discuss and work together, because both countries share a common future, a future in the European Union”, Minister Fratini said.

During the meeting, President Sejdiu and Minister Fratini discussed economic and trade exchanges. Minister Fratini assured President Sejdiu of the commitment of Italy to increase the presence of Italian businesses in Kosovo, pre-announcing a visit by the Italian Prime Minister and a group of Italian businessmen to Kosovo next week.