Edi Rama hands the Tirana key over to President Pacolli

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Behgjet Pacolli met the Mayor of Tirana Mr. Edi Rama today.

On the occasion, Mr. Rama handed the Tirana Key to President Pacolli, praising the personality of the President of Kosovo highly.

“I believe I have deserved the key. I will provide my contribution to the city of Tirana, which is also the heart of Kosovo and the entire nation”, President Pacolli said on the occasion.

“The Mayor updated me on the work that is being done in Tirana in terms of its urbanisation. I congratulated him on the work being done and I hope Tirana will serve as a good example to other cities” – President Pacolli added.

“It had some immensely pleasurable moments. I will return for many other visits. Where construction takes place, where creativity takes place, that is where I belong”, he said.

On the other hand, the Mayor of Tirana Mr. Rama after the meeting said: “It was a beautiful spring day in Tirana and one could not find a better day to stage a reception for the new President of Kosovo, to hand the key to our city over to him and to shake hands of brotherhood with him, the hand of a bond that is growing increasingly stronger between Albanians on both sides of the border and at a time when the border is becoming more and more symbolic”.