Dr. Ferid Murad was declared “Honorary Citizen of Kosovo”

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, received today the great scientist of Albanian descent, Ferid Murad, accompanied by his family and associates.

In a ceremony organized on this occasion, President Jahjaga handed Dr. Murad, who for his achievements in medical science is honored with the Nobel Prize, the award “Honorary Citizen of Kosovo.”

This decoration was awarded to Dr. Murad “for his fundamental contribution in the field of medicine and for the honor his work has given the people of Kosovo.”

The decision for the decoration of Dr. Ferid Murad, President Jahjaga, took based on the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo, article 84, section 28, and based on the Regulation on Decorations, Orders and Titles of Honor of Kosovo, which are given by the President of Kosovo.

Dr.Ferid Murad, after having congratulated President Jahjaga on her election as head of the country, said he felt highly honored with the decoration which was awarded by the President of Kosovo.

Speaking about Kosovo, he said it is important to have quality education, in order for Kosovo to develop economically and become competitive. He also stressed that it is important to create good conditions for the students who go abroad to study in order to contribute to his country, because each, in the end, would like to contribute to his own country.