Acting President Vjosa Osmani commemorates the 21st anniversary of the killing of 10 Albanian civilians in northern Mitrovica

Twenty-one years ago, on February 3 and 4, the parallel structures orchestrated by the state of Serbia, killed 10 Albanian citizens in Mitrovica, injured 25, and evicted 1564 families from their homes.

Two decades later, the memory of the civilians lives on with the grief of those who have never been able to return to their homes.

There can be neither lasting peace nor stability if people in every corner of Kosovo do not feel free to live and move.

It is time for the territorial integrity of Kosovo to not only be on paper, but also in practice. For a Kosovo in which crimes do not remain statistics in reports, but are treated in the judiciary!

For the history of February 3-4 to never be repeated, it takes determination and state courage to guarantee the security of every citizen of Kosovo, in every corner of it.

May the memory of the Albanian civilians who were murdered on February 3-4 live forever!