Acting President Osmani awarded the Presidential Military Medal to the KSF Search and Rescue Unit

The awarding ceremony of the Presidential Military Medal for the Search and Rescue Unit of the Kosovo Security Force was held today.

In honor of the 13th anniversary of Kosovo's Independence, Acting President Vjosa Osmani bestowed the honour to the KSF Search and Rescue Unit for its contribution in the field of the defense of the Republic of Kosovo and of its citizens.

Acting President Osmani pointed out that the contribution of the Search and Rescue Unit over the years has been extraordinary. The work of this Unit deserves every praise and the professionalism of this Unit makes all the citizens of our Republic very proud.

She further added that "During our most difficult days, both inside and outside of our state borders,  KSF Search and Rescue Unit has demonstrated that they are always ready to come to the aid of our citizens, and not only."

Acting President Osmani congratulated the Search and Rescue Unit on this achievement, expressing her wish that their work is always carried out at the highest level and that in their missions they always come up successful.