Acting President, Glauk Konjufca received in a meeting the KFOR Commander, Major General Franco Federici

Acting President Glauk Konjufca, received today in a meeting the KFOR Commander, Major General Franco Federici.

He congratulated Acting President Konjufca for the success in the elections, offering the continuation of further cooperation to ensure a peaceful environment for all citizens of Kosovo.

Whereas Mr. Konjufca mentioned March 24, 1999, when the intervention of the NATO forces saved the Kosovo Albanians from extermination by the genocidal regime of Serbia.

On the 22nd anniversary of the bombing of Serbian army and police targets in Kosovo, Acting President Konjufca thanked Commander Federici for the contribution of the Italian state, of the NATO forces, but also those of KFOR, which helped for the freedom of Kosovo and are helping further in terms of security.

“In June 1999, the return of 1 million Albanians expelled by the Serbian regime took place. We have been reborn”, stressed Mr. Konjufca, referring to the contribution of the North Atlantic Alliance for the freedom of Kosovo.

After the meeting, Acting President Konjufca paid tribute and laid a wreath at the monument of the memorial plaque of the KFOR soldiers, who fell during their service in Kosovo.