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Saturday / 29.09.2018

President Thaçi speaks to the members of the Security Force, asks for unity for Kosovo’s benefit Prishtina, September 29th 2018 – President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, addressed today the ranks of the Kosovo Security Force, where he called for unity in realisation of Kosovo’s short term aspirations. Speaking after the return from New York, where he followed the proceedings of the UN General Assembly, President Thaçi pointed out that he has received the support of many world leaders for Kosovo’s aspirations, be it membership in Interpol or visa liberalisation, or the creation of the Kosovo Army and achievement of a peace agreement with Serbia. “In talks with our international allies, we received full support for our projects, , both short term and midterm ones”, stated Presdient Thaçi, and added that, “above all, we received the support for our Euro-Atlantic path and confirmation that this is an only path”. Speaking on the immediate steps on Interpol membership, President Thaçi said that “Kosovo is prepared for the Interpol General Assembly”, and that “now, it is important to join forces and united work towards this aim”. President Thaçi asked for the unity of the political spectrum on the issue of visa liberalisation as well. “Kosova has fulfilled all technical criteria placed by EU” said the President and added that Kosovo now” rightly expects the decision for removal of the visa regime to be approved as soon as possible”. ”It is crucial that we are united in our stance, in our message and our statements” , said President Thaçi. “We all speak in one voice on the necessity of visa removal for the citizens of Kosovo. Let us protect in a single voice the interests of Kosovo, of the citizens of Kosovo”, added President Thaçi. Touching on Kosovo’s long term ambitions, our country’s NATO and EU membership, President Thaçi said that he is proud to be the President of Europe’s most pro NATO and pro EU country in Europe. He stated that Kosovo Security Force, in cooperation with NATO and western partners, has reached the level in which it is ready to take upon itself additional responsibilities, those of a proper army. “Therefore, let us get together and approve at the Parliament of Kosovo the laws which p