Behxhet Pacolli


Date, place of birth, family:
30 August 1951, Marec, Pristina. Son to Isa and Nazmije. Married to Masha, Russian-Swiss citizen of Buryat- Tatarian descend. Parent to five children: three daughters and two sons (Arbëresha, Selena, Hana, Isa and Diar).

Education:  Elementary and secondary education, the Normal High School and Gymnasium in Pristina).

1970-1973 Institut für Außenhandel, Hamburg Universitat, Foreign Trade Institute, Hamburg University

1982-1983 Master in Marketing and Management –Mösinger Zurich Institute.

Professional profile: 1974-1975 Foreign Language Correspondent with the Directorate of Development, Textile Combine, Gjilan.

1976 Commercial Director in the Peter Zimmern Company, Austria.

Interplastica Project Engeneering Company in Morbio Inf. Switzerland.

1977-1983 Commercial Director

1983-1990 Director General

1990-2009 Founder and President of Mabetex Project Engineering, Lugano, Switzerland.

1992-2009 President of CRS-Credito per lo sviluppo e ristrutturazione, Lugano Switzerland; President of Mabo Construction. President of Swiss Diamond Hotel Management, Bermuda; Co Krueger Hoch–Tiefbau, Berlin; Co Interfin Finance, London; Co Mabetex International (covering 18 world countries); Owner of  Siguria Insurance Company, Pristina; Shareholder in the Economic Bank, Pristina; Owner of Saranda Properties; Co Sine Tempore International; Co BK Anstalt Lichtenstein; Co Diamond Travel; 2009 withdraws from his managerial mandate from all his companies, and remains only an owner of shares regulated according to the legislation of the states in which companies operate.

Other functions:  
Main Sponsor of Aleksandër Moisiu Foundation; Founder of Per i Bambini Di Sakha Foundation and orphanages  
Promoter and founder of: FORK – Foundation for the Organization and Reconstruction of Kosovo,  Lugano, Pristina;
Founder of Albanian Businessmen’s Union, Lugano;
2004-2007 Founder of SEED, South-East Europe Development Fund, Washington (a fund that has promoted and lobbied for independence of Kosovo);
Member Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Washington, Permanent Consultant to the Committee led by Henry Kissinger;
Founder of Ibrahim Kodra Youth Foundation, Lugano;
The New Kosova Alliance Lobbying Organization, Washington, (2005-2007);
Behgjet Pacolli Foundation, Pristina;
Founder and President of the New Kosova Alliance (AKR) political party (2007);
Member of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo (2007-2010);
Member of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo (2011).
Humanitarian activities:
1993 - Founder and sponsor of a hospital that provides care to abandoned children born with physical problems in Sakha);
1999 – In cooperation with Ms. Fanfani and Children of Peace Foundation, intervenes in providing mass relief to the displaced from Kosovo in Kukës, Ivangrad and elsewhere;
1999 – Support to hospitals in Kosovo with medicines and medical equipment;
2000-2004 – Support for building the KPC infrastructure in Pristina and supply with professional equipment;
2005 – Support for building the memorial centre in Penuhë, Podujeva;
2004 – Release of hostages in Afghanistan (Shqipe Habibi’s case);
2006 – Release of Gabrielle Torsello, a journalist that had been taken hostage in Afghanistan;
2008-2011 – Permanent lobbying for the recognition of Kosovo as an independent state (over 20 recognitions);
2007 – Contribution to the release of 23 Korean hostages in Afghanistan;

Some activities carried out by the Behgjet Pacolli Foundation: planning, sponsoring and financing the entire structure of the American University in Kosovo (AUK);
Sponsoring the expansion of the Faculty of Philology in Pristina;
Sponsoring cultural and heritage projects in Kosovo;
Sponsoring sports in Kosovo;
20 regular scholarships (in Kosovo and abroad);
Complete contribution for the construction of shelters for poor families;
Assistance in sending dozens of patients abroad for medical treatment per year;
Social assistance to invalids and persons in need (monthly payments);
Construction of Ibrahim Kodra Museum in Pristina (in progress);
Daily assistance to the people in need;
KPC Decorations;
Acknowledgments and honorary titles from the Rochester University of Technology;
Decorations from the AUK (American University in Kosovo)
High decorations from the State of Peru, the President of Peru;
Highest state decoration from the Russian Federation (architectural appraisals), the second foreign citizen to receive the award after the American ARMAND HAMMER;
Honorary citizen of Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan;
Liberia’s Global Honorary Consul (2002-September 2010);
2009 – Ambassador of Peace (Universal Peace Federation);
2010 – Millennium’s Global Knight of Peace; also awarded by Centro Internazionale per la Pace fra i Popoli (International Centre for Peace Among Peoples) to Mikhail Gorbachev, Perez De Cuellar, S.S. Giovanni Paolo II, Luciano Pavarotti, Helmut Kohl, Mother Theresa of Calcutta, Kofi Annan, Bill Gates, etc;
Acknowledgment from the Nelson Mandela Foundation;
Acknowledgment from the Clinton Global Initiative Foundation.

Mother tongue: Albanian

Foreign languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Serbo-Croatian.


The Chairman of the Assembly of Kosovo, Dr. Jakup Krasniqi served as Acting President of the Republic from April 1 to April 7, 2011, when Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga was elected President of the Republic of Kosovo.