President Jahjaga received the President of the Swiss Confederation, Mr. Ueli Maurer

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, received today at a meeting the President of the Swiss Confederation, Mr. Ueli Maurer.

President Jahjaga and President Maurer discussed the developments in the Republic of Kosovo and its integrational processes. They said that relations between Kosovo and Switzerland are very good and added that cooperation between the two countries will be expanded even further, with particular accent on the economic development and investments.

After the meeting, President Jahjaga and President Maurer issued a statement in front of the media, as presented below:

President Jahjaga: With the President of the Swiss Confederation, Mr. Ueli Maurer, we had a very amicable and cordial meeting. Kosovo and Switzerland have a long history of connectivity with each other, and I personally, on behalf of the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo, expressed my gratitude to President Maurer, for the help that Switzerland has provided to Kosovo, in its opening of a new chapter of state building and of a democratic and all inclusive society.

For longer than 14 years, Swiss peace keeping forces, as part of the NATO Force, have helped in the maintenance of the peace and in establishment of a safe environment for the citizens of Kosovo, and demonstrating a dedication towards building of an advanced Kosovo.

The help of the Swiss forces continues to remain necessary for the stabilization of Kosovo on its path of Euro-Atlantic integrations and building of our security mechanisms.
Relations between our two countries are unbreakable, because Switzerland has for decades shown its readiness to help the citizens of Kosovo , has hosted a number of our compatriots, who today are integrated into and respect by the Swiss society; they live and work there with dignity and are a powerful bridge for the relations between our two countries.

Swiss Confederation is one of the first countries which recognized the independence of Kosovo and is helping the consolidation of our statehood and providing support for the processes which our country is going through.

Kosovo today continues to be an important factor of peace and good neighbourliness in the region and has demonstrated this through its full engagement in the dialogue in Brussels with the Republic of Serbia and by achieving of the agreement on normalization of relations between the two states. The path of European integration goes through full normalization of relations between two states and full implementation of all agreements achieved so far.

Republic of Kosovo is a state of all of its equal citizens, and the constitutional and legal rights and freedoms must be utilized by everyone, inclusive of our citizens of Serbian ethnicity residing at the northern parts of our country. Through the process of local elections which ended yesterday in the northern part of our country, we are completing the integrative process of all the communities, of the Serbian community as well, into the institutions and the society of Kosovo, and we are at the same time closing the chapter of conflicts and disagreements in our country. Local elections demonstrate the compactness of the country and the ending of the internal integrations process in order to continue with dedication through the European integrations chapter. This path brings us all together- the Citizens of the country- regardless.

Mr. President, thank you for your visit and for the friendship between our two countries.

President Maurer: Madam President, honourable ladies and gentlemen, thank you once again for this cordial welcome.

Switzerland and Kosovo are connected through many a friendships. At the same time, as you are aware, more than 170. 000 citizens of Kosovo reside in Switzerland. In the meanwhile, they have integrated themselves; have become Swiss citizens, making in this manner the relationship between Switzerland and Kosovo even more special.

Apropos, half of our national football team comprises of players from your community, so that qualification for Brazil is indeed a merit of members of your community. Shaqiri has become a great example for all the citizens of Kosovo as well as Switzerland.

However, I am here to discuss above all our future cooperation. Switzerland is for sure interested to contribute to the further building of the Republic of Kosovo.

I would like to congratulate you on all the successes and advances that you have achieved. Those who visit Kosovo not that often can see these changes well, as I had the opportunity to observe them today.

For Switzerland and its economy, little bit more of political stability is required as well as in the field of security, in order to for Kosovo to become more attractive for investments from Switzerland.
Advances in these two fields have been achieved as well, and this is why I would like to once again congratulate Madam President on these advances, as well as on the image that she enjoys on all international levels.

This is important, because, apart from economic and political stability, personal contacts are always important, which will influence the further support.

The two countries have signed a number of bilateral agreements. Some are functioning very well, while for some others further engagements are required.

Cooperation between our two countries, we in Switzerland consider it as a partnership, as the word itself states it, both sides provide equal contribution to this cooperation.

But yes, I believe that we are on a good path, even though some further steps are required, and we have in the meanwhile created very good institutional and personal relations, and we do not envisage any problems.

And I wish all the best to your state indeed and lots of luck, and to Madam President good health and best wishes, and I promise to you that we shall remain good partners.